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WHO Announce Radiation Causes Brain Cancer Mobile Probably

World Health Organization, the UN agency for public health on Tuesday (30/05/2011) and then officially announced that radiation from mobile phones possible carcinogen (cancer trigger) on humans. This decision was taken at a meeting with 31 people scientists from 14 countries under the auspices of an international body of cancer research, IARC (International Agency for Research in Cancer) in Lyon, France on Tuesday to discuss about mobile phone safety research. The team found evidence to agree that radio frequency electromagnetic fields at mobile phone into a carcinogenic agent group B, which is proved to have great potential to trigger the type Gliomas brain cancer and acoustic neuroma for the user. But this team has not draw conclusions for other cancer types.

The news has become a serious issue in the mobile phone industry. The term of the use of mobile phones and communication gadgets in society today is quite long, this means that radiation exposure would be more widely accepted by the body especially the brain. Meanwhile, according to Dr. Henry Lai, a research professor of Bioengineering at the University of Washington says the development of cancer, especially brain cancer takes a long time so that an earlier warning to society will be quite helpful. 

This type of radiation coming from mobile mirp that produced by a microwave to cook food, so according to Dr. Keith Black, Chairman of the Scientific Division of Neurology at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles expressed similar effects of radiation from mobile phones such as 'cook' the brain. "So in addition to leading to the development of cancer and tumors, there may be a variety of other effects such as cognitive memory dysfunction, because the area of ​​the brain is exposed to mobile phone radiation is the temporal lobe that plays a role in memory settings," said Dr. Black. This certainly will be worse for children because the bones of the skull and scalp them thinner so that the radiation can go deeper into the brain. "Moreover, cells in children and adolescents develop more quickly, consequently the effects of radiation become more widespread," Dr. Black added.

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