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Cervical insufficiency

Cervical insufficiency or cervical incompetence often leads to miscarriage and premature labor. This occurs when the pregnancy enters the second trimester of pregnancy when the weight increases. With the growing weight of pregnancy will cause ephichement of the cervix that if it continues to happen childbirth. Complaints of abdominal pain is felt in the form of mucus and blood came out, vagina feels full or feel pressure. 

This situation caused by many factors such as: a history of cervical weakness in previous pregnancies, cervical injury, the drug DES (diethylstilbestrol), and anatomic abnormalities of the cervix. Other causes include cervical cautery (to remove tumor growth or stop bleeding) and cone biopsy to remove the malignancy. 

Diagnosis by examination of the cervical length is directly or indirectly with ultrasound. Checks can be done at 16 weeks gestation or 4 month. History repeated delivery of the second trimester is a sign of it. On physical examination found cervical soft consistency, there is a protrusion of the amnion sac at the cervix . 

Glucocorticoid drug delivery is important to prepare the fetal lung in case of premature labor. 
Bed rest, administration of progesterone, the installation of the balloon to change the axis of the cervical canal 
Circular suturing of the cervix. Ties are then removed if the fetus was mature. Or need not be removed if it will be planned for delivery by cesarean section. 

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